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Most of the content on this website is in German. If you would like to learn more about the work of the research network PartKommPlus and its subprojects, we recommend that you visit the German-language pages and use an online translator.



What is PartKommPlus? - Explained in the video (in German language)

Results from the subprojects and the network

Findings from the work of the PartKommPlus research consortium are presented in a variety of ways on this site. In addition to scientific articles, there are various materials to support others in initiating and facilitating participatory processes in the research and practice of health promotion.

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In PartKommPlus we followed a participatory health research approach. The aim was not merely to gain new knowledge, but above all to bring about changes that promote health. It was therefore a goal to show the impact of the research activity, to trace how this impact took place, and to describe the impact in the form of impact narratives.

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