Wirkungen - Impact - Forschung

What is the social responsibility of science? What added value does research have for citizens?

These questions have been raised for several years and discussed in many different ways. Studying the impact of research projects is becoming increasingly important - especially in regard to social, cultural, environmental and economic issues.

PartKommPlus follows a participatory research paradigm. In addition to gaining new knowledge, a core aim of participatory research is the creation of positive social change. That is why we are very interested in the effects of our work and in creating transparency about those effects.

Impact is recognised as the many forms of change that occur with, within and for those who are engaging in the research as well as those changes that occur across the wider environments or set of systems in which the participatory research is a taking place. Impact occurs throughout the research process and continues after it is completed.

An important aim of the second funding period is to demonstrate the impacts of our research projects and of doing research in a participatory manner. We will trace the origins and pathways of those impacts, and make them public in the form of impact narratives. We want to identify, verify and present the intended and unintended impacts for each subproject and for the research consortium as a whole. Our impact narratives are intended to contribute to the scientific debate on demonstrating and reporting the impact of participatory approaches to research in public health.

Aims of the project

1. To identify and demonstrate the impact, intended and unintended, of participatory research afforded by the consortium PartKommPlus and its subproject

2. To identify and demonstrate pathways to impact shaped by the participatory research consortium PartKommPlus and its subprojects

Coordination and academic support

Theresa Allweiss

Catholic University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Tel: 030-50 10 10-908

E-Mail: theresa.allweiss(at)


Professor Tina Cook

Department of Disability and Education

Liverpool Hope University

E-Mail: cookt(at)