The Subprojects of PartKommPlus

PartKommPlus consisted of seven subprojects in five German states with the coordinating office at the Catholic University for Applied Sciences Berlin. The internet site inforo also hosted a module dedicated to the work of the consortium. The subprojects explored how participation can be implemented at the municipal level to serve the needs of various groups of people. The work of the individual sub-projects can be found on the following pages:

 ElfE - Parents Asking Parents

In the ElfE sub-project, parents with preschool age children conducted research on how they and other parents can work together more closely with daycare staff for the benefit of the children and families served. 

PEPBS - Participatory Evaluation of the Prevention Chain Braunschweig

Together with the city of Braunschweig, the PEPBS subproject examined which factors are decisive for designing life-phase-oriented support structures to improve the health of children living in poverty.

KEG - Science and Practice in Dialogue

To support the further development of municipal health promotion, the KEG subproject surveyed the needs and concerns of residents in selected urban areas in the cities of Esslingen and Hamburg on a district-by-district basis with a focus on the everyday life of those surveyed. The goal was to reach especially those residents presented with various social and health challenges.

 Age4Health - Healthy Neighborhoods for Older People

The research project Age4Health explored options for the successful participation of disadvantaged older people in municipal health promotion initiatives aimed at making changes in their living environments.

 GESUND! - People with Learning Difficulties and Health Promotion

The subproject GESUND! explored how health promotion can be planned and implemented for and together with people with intellectual disabilities.

K3 - Local Authorities and Health Insurance Funds: Local Cooperation for Healthy Living Environments

In the subproject K3, three case studies were used to investigate how a successful cooperation between municipalities and health insurance funds can be initiated and established in the field of primary prevention and health promotion in local living environments. Based on the results, overarching conclusions and recommendations for action for municipalities and health insurance funds were developed together with participants from the three case studies.

 P&E - Participatory Epidemiology: From Data to Recommendations

In P&E, partners from the public health service, public health practice, and various population groups worked together with the Robert Koch Institute to investigate how epidemiology and health reporting can be further developed by applying participatory research approaches.


inforo online is the national exchange platform in Germany for municipalities engaging in health promotion. PartKommPlus and its subprojects were represented as an independent module on the site. Research results were summarized and made available to the municipal actors in the inforo user community. As of Spring 2021, the content of the PartKommPlus will be moved to the Partner Process module.