The findings from PartKommPlus are available in many different formats: for example, practical tools to facilitate participatory processes among various stakeholders; academic articles and conference presentations; and videos.

The various products are available in this section and on the following pages. To facilitate access, the products are grouped according to type. “Tools” are handouts and other materials designed to facilitate participatory processes. “Media” refers to audiovisual presentations of the work. A separate category is made up of “Presentations” from various contexts that describe the work of PartKommPlus. Scientific articles can be found under the category “Articles,” while general articles including those written by third parties are found under “Press and PR”. There is a final category of “Books” written by members of the consortium.

The results and recommendations from the first funding phase of PartKommPlus can be found on a separate subpage. These were presented at a conference which took place in January 2018 in Berlin at the end of the first funding period. The conference is also documented on a separate subpage.

At the end of the second funding phase, an online workshop series on participatory research took place, replacing the originally planned final conference which was canceled due to the pandemic. Not only PartKommPlus projects were discussed in the workshops, but also other participatory research projects.

In the second funding phase, the topic of research impact was of great importance for the consortium, giving an account of the change brought about by the participatory research process.